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Our Vision


The mission we’ve given ourselves is simple. It’s “to advance the care and support of people with disability, specifically by creating a forum to enable the timely provision of relevant information to meet their needs.” 

Unpack that sentence and a number of features come to the fore. Firstly; most critically, this is for and about the needs of people with a disability. Abilitynews aims to provide a forum that will allow everyone involved in the National Disability Insurance Scheme to share information and provide support to one another. The NDIS is, after all, a great idea. It’s predicated on the idea of creating a marketplace for disability care, an environment where everybody can search find a care package that’s just right for them. But marketplaces need to be informed if they’re to work effectively. That’s not the case at the moment.


That’s why we’ve started abilitynews.


To create an electronic forum where people with a disability can interact and share information about their life experiences with other people.

This site, however, isn’t just for those with a disability; we’re here for everyone involved in the sector. It might be that someone you love has had a sudden, terrible injury, or it may be because of the slow progress of a terrible disease. It may be because you’re a disability support worker or a scientific researcher in this field. It doesn’t matter how you’ve come to be involved, the point is you need to know what’s going on in this sector. And that’s the other vital part of our mission.


To provide timely, relevant and comprehensive information about disability, care, and rehabilitation services. This is a bit broader, a bit more inclusive, and a bit more general. The point is to allow Abilitynews to keep developing and expanding; to make sure it provides you with enough information to make your involvement with the NDIS a success. 

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