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Hardened opposition as Greens dig in against Labor's planned cuts to NDIS

A significant split is opening up on the progressive side of politics, with Greens at both federal and territory levels condemning as heartless Labors proposed cuts to the NDIS.

ACT Greens Disability Minister Emma Davidson says the proposed annual growth target of 8 per cent for the scheme by July 2026 is 'heartbreaking' in a seperate post to facebook.

"The language I have seen from the federal Labor government [on Friday] may as well have come from the previous government," she said. "What's the point of a Labor government that just does the same thing as Scott Morrison? Framing the NDIS as a cost burden is offensive and wrong."

"There will be very real impact for the lives of people in the ACT if there is a ramping up of the cost-cutting we've seen in the NDIS over the past few years."

Her words represent a direct break with ACT Labor on this issue.

Australian Greens Disability Spokesperson Jordan Steele-John

The Federal Greens spokesperson for Disability Rights and Services Senator Jordon Steele-John joined in the attack on Labor saying too many disabled people are still not receiving support.

“Labor’s announcement to have a target for spending growth sounds a lot like a cap on the NDIS. This would be a broken promise and cause tremendous concern in the disability community".

Steele-John warned that if funding is capped then the NDIS would receive $50 billion dollars less over the coming decade, saying “de-funding the NDIS by this amount is completely unacceptable”.

“The NDIS provides disabled people with the opportunity to participate in the community, go to work, and do the basics like have a shower," the Senator added. "There are social and economic benefits to the NDIS.”

Labor, however, has insisted it will plough ahead with the plan.

In the ACT, Chief Minister Andrew Barr says the NDIS "needs to return to a sustainable growth trajectory". Pointing out that not all Australians are eligible for the NDIS he said Labor would "support equity and fairness for all Australians living with disability, including for those not eligible for the NDIS".

He added that this would "ensure that every dollar goes to those who need it most".

This echoed a number of recent commercial media reports on the scheme that have concentrated on people who are supposedly rorting the system.

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